Day Eight - Puerto Cisnes to Puerto Aysén

Posted on 26th Feb 2016

Photo: Boats at Puerto Aysén

A wet morning walk around Puerto Cisnes took us all of about 30 minutes; we then header round the coast road, past the swimming beach (closed) and back up the valley to join the main Carretera Austral road south towards Puerto Aysén which was to be our evenings destination. It was either cloudy or raining most of the day so we spend the majority of our time looking through the car windscreen at the road ahead. A very short stop in Villa Amengual (where we bought a woolly hat), Villa Mañihuales (where we filled up with petrol) and onto what seemed like a thriving city after the last week in the back of beyond.... Puerto Aysén.

After looking at a few gloomy hospedajes we called into the tourist info office where we picked up some excellent (free) colour maps and brochures of the Carretera Austral and who recommended a a camp site 7 km's out of town. As we approached the camp site the heavens opened and we were debating our decision to spend the night under canvas. On arrival at the camp reception there was no sign of anyone, just four barking dogs. As I got out the car the first dog decided to playfully bite my hand before finding my jacket, and locking on with a death grip that only a wet smelly dog can do. Out came the owners son who pointed us in the direction of the camping spots, we went to have a look and were surprised to see a large 'quincho' - a large outbuilding with sink, dished, cooker, stove, lighting and ceramic floor... all set up to sleep inside when the weather was bad. It rained heavily in the night so we were very happy to have a roof over our heads and a dry tent in the morning.

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