Day Eleven - Cerro Castillo: Part Two

Posted on 29th Feb 2016

Photo: Sunrise over Cerro Castillo

We woke early to a cold morning but with the mountain peaks covered in a warm golden glow from the morning sun. We set off just as the other trekkers were just crawling out of their sleeping bags and continued the ascent through the forest, emerging above the tree line to the hanging glaciers towering above. Passing another small camping area the trail continued to the turquoise lake at the base of the glacier. With no wind, we were rewarded with impressive reflections in the lake and the best views so far on the trek. We ascended the glacial moraine to the pass overlooking the surrounding mountains and lakes in the far distance. The warm sun, clear blue skies and lack of any wind made for a perfect day and after numerous photos, a relaxing lunch basking in the sun we followed the trail markers down the ridge to the tree line in the valley below and some welcome shade. The last few hours were a gentle stroll back to the village for a shower and a good nights sleep.

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