Trekking the Pyrenean Haute Route

What to Pack

What to pack - packing light is the key to enjoying your trek!

Kit List

This is the kit list that I would take next time! It's only 295g less than I actually took, but hindsight is a great thing! This list is based on my experience of trekking nine sections of the Pyrenean Haute Route over 6 days. Hopefully it will help you with your packing list.

REMEMBER WHEN FLYING: Treking poles, tent poles & tent pegs have to be checked-in as hold luggage on an airplane. Items that contain Lithium batteries (such as power packs & Personal Locator Beacons) have to be carried on board the aircraft as hand luggage.

This Kit list spreadsheet was created with a free & simple to use online website.
Kit items weight using electronic kitchen scales.





Wild Country Coshee Micro; a fantastic, affordable little tent:



plus a MotoG5 phone used to take these photos
The Anker 10,000 power pack kept my phone topped up. Best price on Amazon

Navigation & Paperwork




Travel Docs



I'm a creature of habit and have no problem eating the same thing day in, day out. I packed food for 8 days self sufficiency, but only trekked for 6 days. I stuck to the menu very well but did use a few of the breakfast cereal bars as extra snacks. I didn't buy any extra food or drink along the route. This diet worked for me. I never felt hungry but appreciate that the calorie count is probably way to low for such physical exercise. The Clif Bloks in my lunch were eaten one during the morning and one during the afternoon.

Breakfast: 4 x Tesco Rice Snaps Cereals bars 20g bar = 336 calories total
Lunch: 3 x Cliffbars / 2 x Clof bloks / 3 x cereal bar = 1327 calories total
Evening meal: 2 x pack super noodles = 1000 calories total
Total Daily: 2663 calories total per day





Evening Meal


The Haute Route (High Route) Pyrenees (HRP) trekking trail from Hendaye to Banyuls-sur-Mer in the French, Spanish and Andorra Pyrenees mountains. Trekking routes.

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