date  1st Dec 2019 / location Vietnam

Day 28 - Sapa to Hanoi

Day 28 - Sapa to Hanoi

Photo: Early morning in Sapa

There were slightly fewer clouds than in the previous two days and we were rewarded with better views as we walked back to the bus station for our early morning bus to Hanoi.

I was disappointed to see we had the same bus driver as the journey here and we started the journey with him on his phone.

The journey was uneventful, I even slept a little. On arrival at our hotel we found there was a problem with the room (maybe double booked?) and we were offered another hotel for the same price, it actually turned out to be nicer than the one we booked.

The afternoon was spent enjoying the sights of the Old Quarter and stocking up on snacks for our cruise the following day in Halong bay.

Map: Where we ended up today