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Volcano Lonquimay


A great first volcano ascent or walm up for one of the bigger treks in the area. A tough ascent, steep in places.

Volcano Lonquimay 2865m
Duration: 1 Day, 1000+m ascent
Grade: Medium
Access: Private vehicle
Costs: None, but register at the CONAF cabin
Equipment: Ice and and crampons only in early season
Volcanic Activity:



Apparoach road to the CONAF cabin
Volcano Lonquimay
Looking back to cars parked near the Paso Lolco
Above the top ski lift, start of the ridge
Summit crater
View from summit with Sierra Nevada & Llaima in the distance
Steep rocky descent
Scree running lower down


Located 30km west of Curacautin.

Access: 4km east of Malalcahuello, turn left on the 90° bend in the main road and head in the direction of the Corralco ski center. After a further 5km on a good road turn left again and continue on this road as it ascends through the forest to the CONAF cabin after about 3kms. In March 2015 there was no park entrance fee to pay but we were required to fill out a registration form with our personal details and intended route. We were asked if we had helmets (not necessary), trekking poles and good boots but no actual checks were made. On your return from the volcano you will be required to register your exit from the park.

There are two options, either park at the base of the Corralco ski resort at about 1625m or continue on the dirt road to Paso Lolco (start of a short trail to Crater Navidad) and just park on a wide section of the road at about 1800m; this gains about 175 meters of elevation.

Route: From the base of the ski resort make your way up the ski field, either on the gravel roads (easier) or directly under the ski lifts (harder). From Paso Lolco make a rising traverse acrossto the ski lifts over the soft volcanic ash - there will probably be some feint trails as it's a popular route.

You are heading for the top of the uppermost ski lift. Once there head across to the right to the feint ridge and follow the distinct trail as it ascends to a more distinct and narrower ridge (not for those with mild vertigo) and continues directly up to the summit. The trail gets steeper and rockier towards the top and slightly more exposed in places. You will arrive at the summit after about 3½ to 4 hours. On a good day from the summit you will be able to see numerous other volcanoes in the near and far distance both to the north and south. Return via the same route.

Map: Vn Lonquimay Vn. Tohuaca, Aoneker, 1:50,000 or LONQUIMAY, Travel & Trekking Map, 1: 100,000

Accommodation: Suizandina: just outside Malalcahuello or there are numerous cabins and other accommodation options in Malalcahuello village. Malalcahuello has two small mini markets with limited supplies. Nearest ATM and Petrol can be found in Curacautin.

Overview Map

Volcano Lonquimay 2865m

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