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Volcano Osorno


A beautil perfect cone volcano rising spectacularly from the shores of Lago Llanquihue.

Volcano Osorno 2652m
Duration: 1 Day, 1900m ascent
Grade: Hard due to glacier traverse
Access: Private vehicle
Costs: None
Equipment: This is a glaciated volcano and technical climbing equipment and experience will be required. If in doubt hire a guide.
Volcanic Activity:



Volcano Osorno from the north west
Volcano Osorno from the north route
Volcano Osorno as seen from Puerto Octay


NOTE: This information was last verified/updated in 2011.

On the east side of Lake Llanquihue accessible from the town of Osorno to the north or Puerto Montt to the east.

Access: There is one main ascent route, about 2km's to the north of Ensenada there is a paved road that goes to the Teski Ski Club. On the North side of the volcano is another lesser used route starting from Refugio La Picada, it is signed 'La Picada' from the turn at Puerto Clocker, 18 km's on well maintained gravel road.

Normal - east route: From the Teski Ski Club the route ascends near the ski lift then onto the crevassed glacier - you will need technical equipment and know how to safely travel over a crevassed glacier. The sign outside the CONAF building says you must use the services of a guide. The last section includes a 60° pitch on snow/ice.

North route: The small road from Puerto Clocker first heads west then south west towards the base of the volcano along a well graded gravel road. Go as far as the Refugio La Picada where you can park. You can then continue on foot up a gravel trail, it opens out and you will see up to the abandoned refuge. This is the Curas refuge; the route basically goes straight up from here. You can see the trail heading over the brown volcanic scree. The route become more rocky before you need to head onto the glacier for a 45-50° ascent to the flat topped summit (technical equipment needed). Return by the same route. Seek advice on the route before heading out.

Map: LLANQUIHUE, Travel & Trekking Map, 1:50,000 / 1:150,000 (shows north access but not the north route)

Accommodation: Zapato Amarillo: just 2km outside of Puerto Octay offers doubles and dorm beds in grassed roof chalets. Take the 'Via Puerto Octay' service from Osorno bus station, every 30 mins. From Puerto Montt the 'Thaebus' company leaves the bus terminal about every 2 hours for Puerto Octay. Puerto Octay as a minimarket, petrol station and ATM.

Overview Map

Volcano Osorno 2652m

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