date  27th Nov 2019 / location Vietnam

Day 24 - Hanoi, Vietnam

Day 24 - Hanoi, Vietnam


At 6:10am the hotel manager knocked on our door to say the taxi was here to take us to the airport. Two minutes later the taxi driver himself knocked on our door to ask how long we were going to be.

A few minutes later we were in the taxi on our way to the airport.Today we were flying to Hanoi in Vietnam.

After checking in, we were supprised to see our friends Claire and Luna who were supposed to have taken the 24 hour night bus to Hanoi. It turns out the bus company had decided to put them in a mini van instead of a sleeper bus. After a protest they got their money back and booked themselves on the same flight as us.

Our flight was uneventful but left 10 minutes early. We descended into a cloudy Hanoi and passed through customs quickly, before hopping on a local bus for the 10km journey to the city.

Our hotel was called Art Graffitii and was located above a paint shop in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. You have to walk through the shop each time to get through your room.

The afternoon was spent exploring the town and dodging motorbikes while crossing the the busy roads.

Map: Where we ended up today