date  7th Dec 2019 / location Vietnam

Day 34 - Nha Trang

Day 34 - Nha Trang

Photo: The beach at Nha Trang at night.

We woke without the alarm clock and headed down for another fantastic hotel breakfast at about 8.30 am. By 10:45am we had done a thorough sorting out of our rucsacks, throwing out the papers and other items we had accumulated so far on our travels to reduce their weight so to be accepted as hand luggage on our flight.

On check in at the airport Gaby was told her rucsack was too heavy at 8.9 kgs but wasn't asked to pay more or remove anything! My rucsac at 6.8kgs just scraped in under the 7kg hand luggage limit.

Our flight was delayed by about 90 minutes, this seemed to be the norm with Vietjet airlines.

The flight was uneventful and on landing we purchased the bus ticket to the town centre, about 45 minute drive away. The ticket lady on the bus asked which hotel we were staying at so she could inform when to alight the bus.

Map: Where we ended up today