date  14th Dec 2019 / location Cambodia

Day 41 - Cambodia

Day 41 - Cambodia

Photo: Enjoying the refreshing hotel pool.

We arrived at the bus pick up point about 30 minutes early, the bus turned up 15 minutes later. We were headed across the border to Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

We filled out our immigration forms provided by the assistant on the bus who was there to facilitate a smooth border crossing. We gave her our visa fee & passports and sat back and relaxed as we watched Ho Chi Minh city really slowly pass by due to the heavy traffic.

We were behind schedule by he time we arrived at he border, but the formalities were completed quickly and we on our way, stopping once at an ATM so those that wanted could withdraw cash and a second time for a toilet break.

We arrived in Phnom Penh in heavy traffic. Gaby and I were able to alight the bus as it passed near our hotel as we only had hand luggage, others with large bags in the hold had to wait till the terminal.

Whenever Gaby books the hotel, we seem to end up with a swimming pool. This was no exception. We slid into the cool water, a refreshing break from the 30 deg temperatures.

We settled down for an early night in anticipation of an early start to make the most of tomorrow, our only full day in the city.

Map: Where we ended up today