date  19th Jan 2020 / location Thailand

Day 78 - Ko Lanta

Day 78 - Ko Lanta

Photo: Ferry from Ko Muk to Ko Lanta

After a delicious breakfast; the hotel manager kindly drove us to the pier for our ferry to Ko Lanta. We stopped by Ko Kradan and Ko Ngai en route. It was a beautiful journey sat on the deck with our legs dangling over the edge.

On arrival in Ko Lanta we were packed into the back of a pickup taxi along with two families and their kids who's hotel was in the same part of the island as ours.

We were staying on long beach, just one of the beaches on the west coast of Ko Lanta. It is 3km stretch of golden sand with clear waters. Not quite as scenic as some of our previous islands beaches and a bit more commercial, but we liked it enough on arrival to extend our stay for three nights.

Not known as a snorkling destination, but still plenty of fish in the sea. We headed to the north end of the beach where there are more rocks and better for snorkling oportunities, we were astounded by a school of thousands of fish swimming together. Unfortunately we didn't have our underwater camera with us so just enjoyed the moments as we were eye to eye with them, and able to swim through them with the fish circling round us to reform the school.

We enjoyed watching the sun set from the beach in the evening.

Map: Where we ended up today