date  11th Nov 2019 / location Thailand

Day 8 - Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Day 8 - Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Photo: Our Tuc Tuc ride to the train station

This evening we are taking the sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand, a 13 hour overnight journey.

After a leisurely breakfast & checking out of our rooms at mid-day we hung around he pool until 4:30pm.

We sorted out our bags and walked from the hotel to the nearest busy road to take a tuc tuc to the train station. It was a public holiday so the roads were fairly empty and the journey was uneventful; although fitting four people plus our rucksacks in the back of the Tuc Tuc was a bit of squash

After picking up our tickets from the travel agency opposite the station and getting some snacks at the seven eleven, we sat in the large waiting hall for the train to arrive.

On boarding, Gaby and I were at opposite end of the carriage. We were on a sleeper train with a bunk bed system that lined the carriages. The bottom two facing seats converted into a bed and the upper bunk with less room had a small ladder to access it, was a pre-made platform. We were both in the smaller top bunks having booked tickets quite late so not having the option of a lower bunk.

The carriage attendant came round shortly after departure to make up the beds so I was forced to climb up to my bunk and spend almost the entire journey there.

Although it was quite comfortable, having a sturdy mattress and thick pillow; my sleep was interrupted by the constant noise from the train and the frequent stops.


Map: Where we ended up today