date  16th Nov 2019 / location Thailand

Day 13 - Relaxing in Pai

Day 13 - Relaxing in Pai

Photo: Dinner out at local restaurant. Us with Cook/Owner and waiter.

Didn't do much today. We ended up in the pool a couple of times.

In the evening we headed out for dinner with our friends as it was to be our last night together.

We went to a small local restaurant where the owner/cook insisted we write our order down for him. I asked if I could just have meat and rice and he proceded to empty his fridge and place the chicken, beef and pork on he counter for me to see. I pointed at the chicken and asked for 'chicken and rice'. He just said "write it down"!

When I asked for a drink he took me by my arm, led me outside the restaurant and across the road to a small shop. He told me to buy a drink here and bring it back to the restaurant.

I don't think he sold drinks in his restaurant so must do this with all his customers!

He was quite a character and a great cook.

Map: Where we ended up today