date  19th Nov 2019 / location Laos

Day 16 - Luang Namtha

Day 16 - Luang Namtha

Photo: Biking past the rice fields

We hired bikes and headed off on the Luang Namtha valley circuit. First stop was the Nam Dee waterfall but we arrived only to find a tiny trickle of water.

We headed south along the main road through the rice fields and saw the harvesting and drying of the rice. Through little villages where kids on their way from school shouted hello to us in English, and on a detour to the bus station to buy our return tickets to Huai Xai. Unfortunately they didn't sell tickets for days in advance.

By this time it was getting really hot under the early afternoon sun, so we decided to head back to the hotel to cool down. After a shower and siesta we spent the rest of the afternoon on trip planning.

Map: Where we ended up today