date  4th Dec 2019 / location Vietnam

Day 31 - Hue

Day 31 - Hue

Photo: Old citadel walls

After a fairly good nights sleep, we both woke early, opened the curtains and watched Vietnam pass by the window.

Breakfast was brought into our compartment at about 7:30am by the train attendant, who later returned to advise us of our arrival in Hue. It was now raining, the first rain of our trip. We stood under the platform canopy to shelter from the rain as we saw other tourists buying ponchos from the sellers on the platform.

We were approached by a guy who asked where we were going and provided us with approx prices we should pay for the taxi into town. He wasn't a taxi tout and certainlly didn't work for the local tourist board as he suggested we spend little time in Hue and continued south to Hoi An where the weather was always much sunnier.

We exited the station building and were approached by taxi drivers who offered us a ride into town at much inflated fares. As the rain was easing up we decided to walk.

It was a 25 minute walk, alongside the Perfume river to our Homestay; a very modern building with a warm welcome, huge rooms and a very comfortable bed.

In the afternoon we headed out to the old citadel before our lack of sleep from the train and boat caught up on us and we headed back to rest.

Tomorrow we're off to Hoi An, 120 km's to the south.

Video: Laman Express Train SE19

Map: Where we ended up today