date  7th Nov 2019 / location Dubai

Day 4 - Leaving Dubai

Day 4 - Leaving Dubai

Photo: Lunch at a local restaurant in the historic part of town.

After a short time relaxing by the pool to make the most of the hotel facilities, we caught the free 10:45 am shuttle to the Dubai Mall where we hopped back on the sightseeing bus to go back to the historic part of the city.

We took an hour long cruise on the Creek Dhow then continued to the Gold Markets where shop windows not just displayed rings and jewellery but entire mannequins clothed in elaborate gold dresses!

Next we looked for a bite to eat and headed down a side street and found a small but crowded local restaurant. We were eagerly greeted by a friendly waiter who seated us. He proceeded to bring us a customary salad, and soup. We ordered a lamb and chicken dish both with rice which arrived with cutlery, it was only after we started our meal that we realised everyone else was eating with their hands! Gaby enjoyed her and my mint tea, and another two glasses on top of that before refusing a fifth cup as being too extravagant.

After lunch we hopped back on the bus to the Mall.

A fleeting visit to the aquarium and underwater zoo (rather disappointing as the best bit was the huge glass tank visible to everyone in the accompanying shopping center) we headed back to our hotel to pick up our bags.

A quick repack, we then walked the 2km to the Metro which we caught to the airport for our flight to Bangkok, Thailand.

Map: Where we ended up today