date  9th Nov 2019 / location Thailand

Day 6 - China Town, Bangkok

Day 6 - China Town, Bangkok

Photo: China Town

After sleeping in till about 11:30am (jetlag!), we hurriedly packed our bags in time for check out at mid day. We were just changing rooms in the same hotel from sharing a family room with our friends to our own rooms.

Most of the afternoon was spent by the pool trying to keep cool. As night fell we walked the few blocks to the river to take the public ferry down the river to China Town.

It was really busy in China Town, we were not sure it was because it's the weekend or if there was some sort of celebration. We had a hard time finding somewhere to eat as most of the street food eateries tables were full. When we did find somewhere we did our best to order then crossed our fingers we would receive what we thought we had ordered.

After satisfying our hunger we fought our way through the crowds to marble at the street stalls before catching a tuk tuk back to our hotel.

Map: Where we ended up today