date  3rd Jan 2020 / location Malaysia

Day 62 - Penang Hill

Day 62 - Penang Hill

Photo: Monkey enjoying a leafy snack

We got up, what felt like early, but still didn't leave the hotel until mid morning. We caught a taxi to the base of Penang Hill to take the cable car to the top which is about 800m above sea level.

We purchased a one way ticket and were asked by the ticket lady how we were going to come back down. Gaby suggested we would walk down, I'm not sure what other options there were. Maybe she knew something we didn't. The lady suggested it would take three hours, as if to try and convince us to buy the return ticket. We just smiled.

After taking the obligatory photos of the views over Penang town from the top; we watching the monkeys eat the flowers from the bushes next to the path, then followed the road the long way back down the mountain.

It took about 90 minutes to reach the Botanic Gardens at the bottom.

On the way down we snacked on our lunch but hid it every time we saw monkeys, recalling our stand off with them on Pangkor Island. The snake we saw was over 1.5m long and was quick to get out of our way. We saw a monitor lizard (?) In the Botanic Gardens and lots more monkeys.

In the event we saw Ronald McDonald when we frequented his restaurant.

Map: Where we ended up today